An NRA Affiliated - Non Profit Organization "A Safe Place to Shoot"

As-Issued Service Rifle Match

1st Saturday Range 1, starts at 9am. Prone sling/Bench rest $3 per member, $5 non-members per match.

Match Director: Jimmy Hobby 501.672.6508

Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette

4th Sunday Range 1, starts at 9am. NRA approved. Any Sight. $5 per match.

Match Directors: Harland Glover 501.607.4341 or Jase Humes 501.840.6613

Shooters must knock down steel silhouette chickens at 200 meters (656 ft.), pigs at 300 meters (984 ft.), turkeys at 385 meters (1,262 ft.) and rams at 500 meters (1,639 ft.). As in high-power rifle silhouette competitions, the chickens must be shot off-hand in the standing position. However, BPCRS differs in that the pigs, turkeys and rams may be shot in a prone or sitting position using a cross-stick rest. Ten shots are fired at each target, for a total of 40 shots per match. The challenge is in the equipment: only original or reproduction single shot rifles that shoot cartridges loaded with black powder or Pyrodex are allowed. Only iron sights or period scopes of external adjustment are allowed.

Highpower Rifle Silhouette

3rd Sunday (except April) Range 1, starts at 10 am. NRA Approved (2matches) Any sight. $5 per match.

Match Directors: Rich Richards 501.416.5127 or Greg Sullivan 501.663.4231

Lever Action Cowboy

3rd Sunday Range 1, starts at 1pm. NRA Approved (1 match) $5 per match.

Match Directors: Richard Richards 501.416.5127 or Greg Sullivan 501.663.4231

Centerfire Rifle

1st Saturday Range 1, starts at 11am. Any sights– Open– Target. $3 members, $5 non members per match.

Match Director: Jimmy Hobby 501.672.6508

Air Rifle Silhouette

No match directors at this time

1/2 Scale Smallbore Rifle Silhouette

Range 2 Club Match (2) Divisions Any Sight & Iron Sight. $3 members $5 non- members per match. Ladies & Jr’s $2.00

Match Directors: Leroy Squires 501.912.0100, George Toney 501.224.5194

BPCR .22 Match

4th Saturday Range 1. $5 per match

Match Directors: Harlan Glover- 501.607.4341 & Anne Glover 501.607.1219

22 BPCR silhouette is patterned after the big bore black powder cartridge rifle silhouette program.  We use the same traditional single shot rifle actions with 22 rimfire ammunition to knock down steel chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams. The targets are placed at 50, 100, 150, and 200 meters respectively. The shooter works with a spotter and has eight and a half minutes for unlimited sighter shots and ten shots for score. No high velocity ammo is permitted.

Smallbore Cowboy & Pistol Cartridge Silhouette

3rd Saturday Range 2 NRA Approved (2 Matches) $5.00 per match, matches start at 9 am

Match Directors: Kenny Landers 870.725.4510

Smallbore Rifle Silhouette & SB Hunter Rifle Silhouette

4th Sunday (except April) Range 2 NRA Approved (2 Matches) – Any Sight. $5.00 per match, matches start at 1 pm

Match Director: Rich Richards 501.416.5127


no match director at this time

Old Friend’s Match

1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Thur. Range 4B- start at 8:30am (8am March-Oct) 22 cal. Benchrest 50 & 100 yards targets. $3 members $5 non members per match, $1 all CF Benchrest

Match Directors: George Toney 501.920.9726, Craig Bowlby 501.681.0338

The Old Friends Match is primarily a .22 rimfire benchrest match, with classes based on the kind of rifle you shoot.  There is also a brief center fire benchrest after the rimfire series.  Our match was originally created to give retirees an opportunity to shoot competitively on a weekly basis, which is why we chose to shoot it on a weekday.  But we welcome all shooters, regardless of age.  Our matches are unsanctioned, so we have chosen rules that are not so strict about gun weight, scope magnification and so on.  We’re mainly here for fellowship and “no pressure” shooting fun.
We have rimfire classes for Standard Rifle (guns designed for benchrest but without barrel tuner), Custom (same as Standard but with a barrel tuner), Iron Sights, Sporter and Semi Auto.  These matches are shot at both 50 yards and 100 yards with targets appropriate for each.  At the 100 yds.  We also have a Tactical Rimfire match for repeating rifles using a bipod and rear bag.  The other classes are all shot off of a rest.  We’re flexible–if you can think of any other class you’d like to see, bring it up & we’ll consider it.
Sometimes we will also have a bonus match, which varies from egg shoots, swinging targets and just about anything you want to do (we’ve even shot aspirin tablets at 50 yards.)
At the end of the RF matches we have a centerfire match consisting of 10 rounds at 100 yds..  Our classes for this match are Standard (factory guns such as your deer rifle) and Custom (rifles designed & built for benchrest).
The competition itself is taken very seriously but, again, we’re here primarily for fun and fellowship.

IDPA International Defensive Pistol

In search of match director(s) to relaunch.

Multi-­Gun Match

2nd Saturday Ranges 1 ,4B, 5, 6 starting at 9 am (8am June-Sept) Setup day before starting at 4pm. $10 per match

Match Directors: Edward Emrich 501.776.0283, Ryan Reed 501.952.9897

Monthly match consisting of 4-6 courses of fire utilizing a combination of Pistol-Rifle-Shotgun to complete. This is action shooting, requiring movement and safe transitions between firearms.  FAQ and Rules can be found in the Announcements section of the facebook group, Benton Gun Club 3 Gun Match

Speed Steel Match

3rd Saturday Range 5. $5 per gun

Match Director: Lucas Howard 501.412.5853 and Culley Majors 870.210.6756

Speed Steel is an all-steel target speed shooting match. The stages are designed to be simple for new shooters, and fast for the seasoned competitor. Every match will have five stages. Usually each stage will have three strings of fire. The total round count can vary from 80 rounds to 120 rounds.  We have several divisions to cover many firearm and configurations types. The allowed firearms include a .22lr rifle with iron sights to a USPSA race pistol with a red dot and compensator. Shotguns and centerfire rifles are not allowed, excluding pistol caliber carbines.  Eye and ear protection is required. A minimum on three or more magazines per firearm is highly suggested.

Falling Plate Fun Pistol Summer

1st and 3rd Tuesdays Range 6. $2 per gun, start at 6pm

Match Directors: Larry Reynolds 501.565.0404, Dan Wagner 501.240.7320

Shooting Clays Club Match

1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday Range 7. $5 per match

Match Directors: Charlie Baxter 501.563.4805, Jeff Morse 501.993.4292

This match challenges shooters of all ages and skill levels.  You will shoot from 5 different stations at targets moving away from you.   You will need 1 box of shells per match.  Bring extra shells for warm up or in case you are in a shoot off to settle a first place tie.

We award trophies for special occasions – New Years Day, Fathers Day, 4th of July,  perfect scores, etc.  At the end of October we have our Ham and Egg shoot.  Lots of trophies, lots of fun.

Be at range 7 by 9:00 am on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday’s of the month.  If you want to see what it’s like, come watch a match.  We welcome all shooters – men and women, greenhorns to experts.  It’s ALL practice.

600 Yard F-Class Match

3rd Saturday of each month. Range 1. $10.00 per match, start at 8 am

Match Directors: Harold Bradshaw 501.690.4975 and JayeLynn Bradshaw 501.690.4976

Falling Plate Fun Pistol Winter

1st Saturday Range 6. $5 per match

Match Directors: Dan Wagner 501.240.7320, Brad Cunningham 501.416.6516, and Larry Morgan 501.888.2749

Falling plate match is a rimfire  pistol match.  We shoot a iron sight match and a any sight match.  It takes 48 rounds to shoot a match and we start from the ready position, no drawing from holster.  We shoot from 15 yards, 6 rounds in 7 seconds, we do this twice.  Then we move back to 17 1/2 yards shoot 6 rounds in 8 sec ,we do this twice.  Move back to 20yds shoot 6 rounds in 9sec ,  we do this twice. Move back to 25 yds shoot 6 rounds in 10sec and we do this twice.  The score of your first match decides which class you shoot in.  We have master ,AA,A, B,C, and unclassified.  Top 3 in each class get a award.

Precision Tactical Rimfire

$5 per match, live fire starts at 9am

Match Director: Culley Majors 870.210.6756

This is a PRS style match. 22 LR only for this match. We have a base class rifle and scope MSRP not to exceed $1,500. Base class is no aftermarket parts added to your rifle. Open class is for rifles and scope MSRP over $1,500, rifles that have aftermarket parts. Sighting in is after 8am, sign in is 8:3p0. Live fire starts at 9am. Targets will be from 25-270 yards. We shoot from prone, barricade, free hand, and objects.

Hunters Pistol Silhouette

Range 2 starts at 6pm Lever Smallbore $2

Match Director: Rich Richards 501.416.5127

GSSF Match

Range 5 & 6 closed all 3 days

Match Directors: Culley Majors 870.210.6756 & Lucas Howard 501.412.5853